The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Rating – 4/5

“Not everyone has to be the chosen one. What if you’re not an indie kid, fighting zombies or whatever this new thing is with the blue lights and the death? What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate before someone blows up the high school. Again. Sometimes you just have to discover how even an ordinary life can be extraordinary.”

This is the second Patrick Ness book I have read and I really enjoyed it. The story was unique and quirky whilst dealing with some heavier topics such as mental health. I cannot comment on the representation of the mental illnesses that are portrayed in this book (OCD and an eating disorder) but I haven’t found any negative reviews surrounding this aspect of the book.

Each chapter begins with a snippet of the story of the ‘Indie Kids’, the ones who are fighting the supernatural whilst the rest of the world watches on oblivious to the danger they are in. I thought this was a really fun and unique element to the book and I like how the two stories interlinked and came together at the end. It was a very stereotypical portrayal of good vs evil but I found this humorous and it really added to my overall enjoyment of the story.

The main plot follows the kids who are ordinary, the ones who just want to survive in the crazy world they live in. We specifically follow Mikey, Mel, Henna and Jared, a very diverse bunch of characters who just want to graduate high school. These characters were really interesting and I enjoyed following their story. Mikey and Mel both suffer from mental illnesses whilst Jared is the offspring of the ‘Goddess of Cats’ (completely bizarre but rather funny). Their friendship is really wonderful and an important aspect of this book.

This is a really fun book and I highly recommend it! An original story, a diverse cast and the Goddess of Cats… what more could you want?!


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